Political controversy over social media post

A political newcomer running for the State House of Representatives is facing some tough questions about a social media post from his past.

Bryan Dobbs, a Republican running for the 19th district seat in Paulding County, says he's just a regular guy with a sense of humor. But, some GOP critics call him unfit for the race.

Bryan Dobbs designs, drills and builds silencers for Dobbs Defense.  For a man who makes a living muffling loud noises, he had no silencer in place when he scripted a public ad for a new employee.

“They were slightly disrespectful, pretty disrespectful, ahh, I don't know who I'm disrespecting, they were crude” says Dobbs of his earlier post.

In 2014, Bryan Dobbs was expanding his gunsmith and silencer business. He was hiring. So he posted an add on The Outdoors Trader. A sometimes bawdy - predominantly male - forum for gun loving, trail riding, hunting enthusiasts. 

Dobbs wrote that his job applicant must "wash his a**   thoroughly" and not be "chronic masterbators." He also wrote if any stold from him he would "seek out a sodomy for hire type to pleasure himself with you’re a*** in a terrible and violent way"

The father of three, including two daughters now admits:

“Would I want my kids reading this, no. Absolutely not. Let's go with that, no.”

Bryan Dobbs describes his post as just men's locker room talk.

“It's mine. I wrote it. I guess, that’s kind of my sense of humor. People think it's funny. I think it's funny,” said Dobbs. 

He also made it clear he would only hire a man. He would never hire anyone with "A vagina. There is no way in hell my wife would ever let me hire a woman to work for me."

“I can't be around a beautiful woman 8 hours a day, then go home to my wife, and she knows I've been around a beautiful woman all day. Not because she suspects anything, it would cause some friction.”

So, who cares what a gun shop owner finds funny? Well, its a new day for Bryan Dobbs. He is now running as a Republican in House District 19. Against incumbent Republican Paulette Rakestraw. And that long forgotten job posting resurfaced.

Someone posted Dobb's old job application on a social media site and he responded to it on his FB campaign page.

We couldn't help but notice.

“It's very sophomoric humor. Lot of sophomoric humor. Lot of fart jokes,” he told me.  

Dobbs says society has lost its sense of humor. He says his job posting was nothing more than locker room talk.

“The only people I've heard say negative things about it was people working for another campaign,” Dobbs said.

Well, not so fast.

“Any decent Christian and human being should be appalled at what he wrote and the language he used,” says GOP activist Debbie Dooley.

Dooley has been a Republican activist since the late 70's. A Tea Party member. She says women have been the driving force of the Republican party, and she sees no humor in the public job posting. Not twenty years ago. Not today.

“He's committed the unpardonable sin for republican candidates, he's made republican women angry. I would like to invite him to join the Neanderthal party, because that's where he would be right at home,” said Dooley.

So, Bryan Dobbs marches on. Hoping to silence the echoes from his past.

“No, I wouldn't say the same thing again, from the place I am right now. (Because you are running for office?) Because I'm a respectable member of society now. Then, I was some dude starting a business.”