Police searching for second person who carjacked woman outside mother's home

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Terrifying moments for a Marietta woman carjacked at gunpoint right outside her mother's home. Marietta police said that gunman then led officers on a wild high-speed chase, topping 110 miles per hour, ending in a horrific crash.

Both suspects survived. Police captured one but they're desperate to find the other one.

This 42-year-old Marietta woman got to see for the first time what’s left of her 2016 Mercedes Friday.

It was just after midnight Thursday morning. She was visiting her mother at the Westbury Park apartments on Franklin Drive off Cobb Parkway. She was sitting in the parking lot with her windows rolled down, sending some emails, when she noticed two individuals walking up to her car.

One was wearing a hoodie and the other had a handkerchief on, which the victim found suspicious given the heat. What happened next still feels like a bad nightmare to her. They stuck a gun in her window and told her to get out of the car. She said she knew she had to remain calm and comply with whatever they said.

She walked away thinking “Please don’t shoot me.”

She ran inside to get help and almost immediately police spotted the car and followed it. Officers believe the car was traveling well over 110 miles an hour before it hit a curb, slammed into a tree, and got trapped in the thick brush on Old Clay Road SE and South Marietta Parkway. Car parts, like a side mirror, were still lodged in the tree Friday and the tree trunk, split in half.

Police arrested the driver who they identify as Francisco Cruz.

Authorities are still looking for the second man. Until he is caught, the victim said she can’t rest.