Police on lookout for multi-state serial jewelry thief

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East Ellijay police chief Larry Callahan wants every jewelry store worker to take a good look at surveillance images of a suspected jewelry thief. 

Chief Larry Callahan told FOX 5's Portia Bruner the man uses several aliases and has addresses in many different states, but uses the same technique at every shop he targets. The chief says he either steals high-priced jewelry pieces or tries to pawn expensive items at other jewelry stores to secure a check.

"He's very good at the theft and very good about how he goes about getting the expensive pieces that he wants to steal or pawn. We have no indication up until this point that he is violent, but there's only one step between a major theft and becoming violent," the Chief said from East Ellijay Police headquarters.

Investigators believe the man stole the tennis bracelet she tried to pawn at North Georgia diamond from a jewelry store and Blue Ridge the same day. Authorities also believe he stole jewelry from a store in Kentucky earlier this week.

"He's not a scruffy-looking man at all. He's very articulate and knows how to talk about jewelry. But he has tattoos on the upper half of his arms and he's missing his left thumb, so he shouldn't be hard to spot. I hope all of the jewelry store employees out there will be on the lookout for this guy, because you just don't expect you to have a client manipulate me like this," said North Georiga Diamond store manager BJ Kahn.