Police: Numerous school threats tied to nationwide chaos

Law enforcement said the numerous threats that have targeted DeKalb County Schools in the past few weeks come from the same culprits causing hundreds of bomb scares nationwide.

Last Thursday and Friday, DeKalb County Schools received a total of 13 threats; the latest barrage occurred the same days that hundreds of government agencies, schools and businesses nationwide received threats via e-mail and phone.

Hundreds of concerned parents packed a town hall meeting in Dunwoody City Hall, where investigators shed light on the methods behind the local threats. Police said they've traced the phone numbers and emails to IP addresses that correspond to the threats nationwide and have zeroed in on their whereabouts.

"They're wanting to get a response from the school system and the police department. They've called us three times and made threats," said Billy Grogan, who said the goal of the culprits is to create panic. Grogan said the police department, Perimeter Mall and other private schools in the area got threats as well. 

"It's concerning-- the emotional rollercoaster that the kids go on," said Kimberly Sampson, a parent, and teacher at Dunwoody Elementary. "They say they're fine-- kids are not always fine when they say it," she said.

"It's really hard to put into words as a parent the anxiety you feel," another parent said.

Law enforcement said they're working with federal agents to track down and catch the culprits.