Police: Nearly 60 cars broken in to in Sandy Springs parking deck

Some of the people living at the Linq North Springs Apartments in Sandy Springs found themselves cleaning up shattered glass Monday morning. 

According to Sandy Springs police, nearly 60 cars were broken in to in the apartment complex parking deck. 

"This is not the first time this has happened. It's kind of been a recurring thing," said Brandon Thacker, one of the residents. 

This isn't the first time he's walked out to a shattered window, but Thacker said he's never seen it on this scale. 

"58 cars is to the point where it's scary," Thacker said. 

Police said at least one gun was stolen but for the most part, the criminals didn't take off with anything valuable.   

For the residents, however,  this isn't necessarily about their belongings. 

"We kind of went from like just minor theft to a safety issue for the residents," Thacker said. 

Thacker said it's worrying to think about what could happen if he or any of his neighbors happened to come across the criminals in action. 

"If something that large scale is going on, and one of us were to stumble out there when it's happening, we don't know what would happen at that point," he said. 

Thacker said he would like to see a gate put up to make the parking garage more secure. He and other residents also said added security on the weekends would be helpful. 

Investigators are going through surveillance video from cameras inside the parking deck and on the street to identify people responsible.