Police: Man pulled gun on teens who backed into his driveway

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They were just trying to turn around in a driveway, but they picked the wrong one. Police say when a couple of teenagers backed into a man's driveway on Owens Point Trail, the man who lived there came out with a rifle.

Devyn Pyle lives next door. He was just coming home Friday night when he saw Cobb County Police cars racing to his neighbor's house.  

"There was a cop car that came screeching up and came to a stop. Then all of a sudden about nine more cars come up and pulling out their AR's and putting jackets on, all like SWAT team," Pyle said.

Ryan Byrd lives a few houses down.

"I could hear them through their speaker, 'Put your hands on the ground' – just like you'd see on TV," Byrd said.

Police say the man who lives in the house, Thomas Brooks, was furious after two teenagers backed into his driveway to turn around. Investigators say Brooks came out his front door with a rifle, yelled at the kids in the car, pointed a gun at them and threatened to shoot them.  Police say he fired one shot into the air. 

"Bullets have to come down. Shoot them up, they're going to come down," Byrd said. 

Neighbors in the Owens Meadow subdivision say it's terrifying. A lot of children live in the neighborhood, and they are often outside playing. 

Pyle and his roommate, Colby Mauldin, say they're not taking any chances with their safety. 

"My roommate made the remark about me keeping my shotgun loaded. So I do now," Mauldin said. 

Pyle says he's changing his driving habits from now on.  

"I turn around in driveways all the time. Probably won't do that as often anymore, I promise you that," he said. 

Brooks faces several charges, including aggravated assault, terroristic threats, discharging a weapon near a street, and discharging a weapon while under the influence.