Police investigate deadly shooting at Rockdale County home

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Rockdale County deputies are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a teenager and left a second person seriously injured Thursday evening.

The incident happened Thursday afternoon at a home on Tiffany Drive. Family members of a 19-year-old Rockdale County man said they are shocked and heartbroken after their son was killed on the Fourth of July.

"I've got a lot of questions--I wanna know who killed my son and why," said mother Linda Reid.

"He had a lot of people in his driveway, so I thought ‘Okay, they are getting ready to celebrate early,'" said neighbor Angie Jackson.

Jackson admitted she thought the house down the street was just having a party for the holiday.

"About 3:30, I heard about three gunshots, and I thought wow they are celebrating but, that sounded kind of close," said Jackson.

"When we got to the scene, we discovered that there was one person deceased, and one person shot and sent to a local hospital," said Lee Thomas, Rockdale County Sheriff's Office.

Neighbors said the moments after the shooting were chaotic with people scattering into the street and nearby yards.

"A couple of seconds later, I see somebody coming through my backyard. So, I get up, I look, I see they come back across, and I come back outside and I see a lot of police cars, all the cars they had their guns drawn, they were looking, it was chaotic," said Jackson.

Rockdale County authorities haven't arrested anyone in this case. The young victim's family said they're standing by, praying for answers.

"I wanna know why, and then you just run off and nobody tried to call the mama or nana," said Reid.

Investigators said Thursday evening they had a person of interest in the case in custody but said they have not made any arrests or charges in connection to the case. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office.