Police: Bicyclist arrested after fight on Silver Comet Trail

The Powder Springs Police said on Monday two men got into an altercation and one went to jail.

Officers came up to see William Bryan Swain sitting on the ground bleeding out of his eye and Kelly M. Pepper and her husband Alden Adam Martinez.

Officers said Martinez and Pepper were riding their bicycles on the Silver Comet Trail when they stopped to use the restrooms. Once Martinez came out of the restroom, Swain started shouting profanity at Martinez regarding rules of the trail. Officers said Swain attempted to leave on his bicycle when Martinez pushed Swain from behind.

Martinez told officers he was worried for his safety since Swain was bigger and so he punched Swain and grabbed him by the neck from behind to keep Swain down.

Officials said Swain had a broken eye socket.

Officers said Martinez was charged with aggravated assault/ strangulation, aggravated battery/ disfigure and disorderly conduct.

Officials said Swain was transported to Cobb Wellstar Hospital via Puckett and Martinez was transported to Cobb County Adult Detention Center.