Police arrest man accused of shooting UPS driver

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Fulton County police have arrested a man who they said shot a UPS driver in broad daylight.

South Fulton police said 28-year-old Marianno Bailey was arrested Thursday night by Atlanta police for shooting a UPS driver in broad daylight July 24 on Umatilla Lane in South Fulton.

Police said they are still trying to determine a motive in the shocking crime but they did reveal what was inside that UPS Package may have played a role in what happened.

"Based on the contents in the box, an argument ensued, which lead to a shooting, " Lt. Marcus Dennard revealed.

Police said suspect Bailey had just pulled up as the unnamed UPS driver was delivering the package.

Thaxton Reserve homeowner Helen Brathwaite told FOX 5's Aungelique Proctor her neighborhood has been gripped by fear since the shooting.

FOX 5 News cameras found an eviction notice on the front door when we went by the house Friday afternoon.

"No one walks anymore. UPS people who come up the hill drive extremely slow and are looking left and right, they are frightened also," resident Helen Brathwait said.

South Fulton police said the driver has been released from the hospital. They said the investigation into exactly what happened and why continues.