Police: 4 counties investigate teen for string of break-ins

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New developments out of Carroll County in the theft of a pickup truck involved in a serious crash while running from deputies. Investigators say they have arrested a 19-year-old man who they say stole the pickup as part of an entering auto ring plaguing metro Atlanta counties.

Investigators say 19-year-old Zachary Shuler, on the night of June 16, broke into cars in the Autumn Run subdivision in Carroll County.

Looking extremely young in his mugshot, investigators say four different counties are now looking at him as a suspect in a string of other auto break-ins this summer.

Investigators say on the same night as the break-in at Autumn Run, Zachary Shuler stole a Ford F-150 pickup. On June 26, a Carroll County deputy spotted the stolen pickup and chased it after he says it refused to pull over. Then the truck crashed head-on at an intersection. 

That accident caused serious injuries to innocent people. Deputies arrested the driver, 28-year-old William Derek Green, as well as a passenger 34-year-old Timothy Michael Wages. Another passenger, 34-year-old Jacob Lee Barkwell escaped but was later arrested.

Investigators say Zachary Shuler is connected to all three men and all of which are suspects in numerous crimes.

Investigators say all of the cars were unlocked and even the pickup truck had keys left inside it. They say it is important to lock your car, take your valuables inside and certainly don't leave your keys in your car.

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