Phone spoofing scam in Fulton County

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Fulton County business and property owners are being warned about so-called spoofing calls.

The scammers are pretending to be from the clerk’s office at Fulton County Superior and Magistrate Courts.

The phones there have been ringing constantly.

The phone calls are coming from people checking up on suspicious calls they’re getting from imposters claiming to be from the clerk’s office.

“We’ve gotten tons and tons of calls about twenty today alone,” said Nicholas Cotten, the Chief Deputy Clerk.

He said phone calls have been steadily increasing from consumers, many confused, others angry, after getting so-called spoofing calls.

“They ask the consumers for personal information, social security, dates of birth as well as funds,” said Cotten.

He told FOX 5 News the scam is geared around stealing personal information and or people’s money by fooling them into believing they owe taxes or fees on land, property, businesses and more.

All those records are kept at either Magistrate or Superior Court.

Jeff Hollis was inspecting property records when he spoke to FOX 5 News.

“It doesn’t surprise me anything that people say on the phone nowadays with so many of the nuisance calls,” said Hollis.

The clerk’s office said the calls are more than nuisance calls because the scammers threaten action if the money isn’t sent to them immediately.

“If you don’t pay us or if you don’t provide us with personal information... then we’re gonna place a lean on your property, we’re gonna fine you, you may have jail time, things of that nature,” said Cotten

He said if there are taxes or fees owed the clerk’s office doesn’t call.

“We always correspond via mail,” said Cotten.

“There’s no limit to what lengths people will go to try to get your identity or try to get your personal information or money, it’s unfortunate,” said Hollis.

Cotten said to date his office has not received any phone calls from anyone who has fallen for the scam.

To learn about caller spoofing and other types of phone scams, please visit the Federal Communications Commission at caller-id.