Pediatrician encourages positivity on National Doctors' Day

A south Florida emergency room doctor hopes to share some encouragement with others in the healthcare field this National Doctors' Day.

Dr. Katie Friedman works in a pediatric emergency room and also runs a parenting website with her sisters called  

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Friedman said the website has been an important source of comfort.    

"Through that blog and the Instagram community, I've recieved so much love and support," explained Friedman. "It's just so sad that a lot of healthcare provides don't get this type of support and it's so important and it's so necessary. In my most stressful moments, I have a community that helps push me up. So, I said, why don't we use our platform and do that for everyone."  

Friedman decided to ask people to create signs that say, "Happy National Doctors' Day" to acknowledge all those working hard to keep our communities safe and include the names of those they know in the healthcare field.  

"It doesn't have to be a doctor. Put a nurse, an EMS, a respiratory tech, an ER tech - people that are on the front lines kinds of fighting this and give them the acknowledgement and the power to feel good about what they're doing and really tell them that we love and support them," she said.  

Friedman suggests people put the signs up in the windows or on the front door of their home and share photos of the signs on social media.

During this time of uncertainty and fear, she said this can be a good way to children especially to deal with the emotional toll of the pandemic.  

"In chaos and in stress I like to always point out happiness and positivity and really showing our kids that even in this sad time, that there are people out there working really hard for them and keeping them safe," Friedman explained.  

To share your sign of encouragement, use #myhealthheroes. Friedman plans to share people's posts for as long as she can.