Peachtree City veteran given a new car

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A special surprise for a metro Atlanta veteran, who very much deserves something good for a change.  Retired Staff Sgt. Tina Hills got a free car thanks to a special program that reconditions cars for veterans.  She has faced adversity since her deployment to Iraq in 2010 as a combat medic. 

Tina Hills is a hero, an Army combat medic returned home to battle cancer.  Chemo damaged the nerve endings in her legs and hands.  Now, she walks with a cane.  There have been tears.   But Thursday’s tears would be for a different reason and for a change, they would feel good.

Tina Hills got a free car.  Much more than that, she got a car restored with love from the men and women of Caliber Collision in Peachtree City and donated with love from organizations like Geico Insurance and the Gary Sinese Foundation.  She got a car because Tina and her support dog Sammy need independence, something her cancer and her life circumstances had taken from them.

“My husband went back to school and he’s my caregiver.  Now, I can go to my appointments myself,” Hills said.

Thursday’s ceremony at the auto body shop in Peachtree City included fellow veterans from the local VFW post.  Caliber Collision has given away 400 restored cars totaling $1 million.

Tina received a restored 2015 Nissan Sentra.  It had cosmetic damage and was repaired by employees of the shop in Peachtree City.

Tina’s husband TJ returned to college to help support their family. He needs what was their only car.  Now Tina can start doing things for herself, a small thing yes, yet a big deal in her recovery and therapy.

“I am truly grateful,” Hills said.

They also loaded up the trunk with gifts for Tina’s family.  She and TJ have a son.  And there was a bunch in there for Sammy too.