Owner recalls moment Maserati is stolen at gas station

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The owner of a Maserati spoke to FOX 5 after her car was stolen from the QuikTrip on Howell Mill Road in Northwest Atlanta. It happened early Sunday morning when she said the man jumped in her car and drove off.

"It happened in seconds," said Sabrina Peterson.

Sabrina Peterson said she never thought she would see her Maserati again after someone stole it early Sunday morning at this gas station on Howell Mill Road in northwest Atlanta.

She said it happened when she got out of her car to help her friend put air in her tires.

"A guy with dreads crawls on the ground, jumps into my passenger seat and then into my driver seat and sped off," said Peterson.

She said police found the car Tuesday at an apartment complex a few miles down the road in Buckhead.

But investigators are still looking for the car thief.

"My right rim was completely ruined," said Peterson. "They stole my Louis Vuitton purse that was in the trunk and all my valuables that were in it."

Atlanta police said they have responded to a number of auto thefts at this Howell mill location but the numbers are actually down compared to last year.

On Monday, Peterson held a rally at the gas station, calling for change.

"I'm pressing the city of Atlanta, the mayor and I'm not stopping until we get adequate protection for our community," said Peterson.

In the meantime, drivers said they are not taking any chances.

"It just kind of makes you not want to come out," said driver Nika Streater

"I think people need to be more vigilant," said driver Justin Lestage.

"I'm going to be way more aware of my surroundings," said Peterson.