Officer kills fugitive during Floyd County SWAT situation

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said a gang fugitive was shot and killed by police Sunday in Floyd County.

The shooting happened near the 400 block Chulio Road in Rome, Ga.

Officials say that at around 2 p.m., a SWAT team attempted to arrest 28-year-old Jeffrey Tyler Aycock, who police described as a fugitive wanted for a probation violation and the aggravated assault of an officer. Police had previously attempted to arrest Aycock on Wednesday, but he escaped and shot at officers.

When members of the SWAT team made contact with Aycock, the GBI reports that he pulled a gun out from behind his back. When he failed to comply with commands, an officer fired a shot, killing him.

For neighbor and county employee, Derek Hall, the officer-involved shooting raises concern for not only his personal safety but his co-workers' lives.

"I work around all the officers here in Floyd County, so I mean it kind of hits home with friends that I know, that I work with, I just hope and pray they're all safe," Hall said.

 According to the GBI, no officers were injured in Sunday's incident.

An autopsy of Aycock is expected to be performed on Wednesday. The GBI is continuing its investigation.