North Georgia residents prepare for... FUN!

As most residents of north Georgia were busy stocking up on food, leaving work early and preparing to be stuck indoors for a few days, some were being a little more light-hearted.

News Radio 106.7’s Christy Hutchings caught up with some folks at the North Hall Ace Hardware. They came in with gloves, coat, and boots, but what they really needed was a sled.

As the temperatures continued to drop on Friday, so too did the stock of sleds and other fun snow gear.

Some parents commented that they could not let their children down.

“Oh, yeah, for the last several days they have been talking about it and wanting dad to get prepared and get sleds. So, I finally, as the sleet  started to fall, I thought I'd better make my way up here to get it before their gone," said parent Tyler Reed. "I hope this will freeze overnight and get some snow on top of it and make for some great sledding tomorrow.”

The hardware store said they sold more than 250 sleds by 2 p.m. Friday.

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FOX 5 News also caught up with a little girl, 6-year-old Piper who said she has never experience snow and was really hoping to build a snowman for the first time.

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