Neighbors celebrate 7-year-old Dunwoody boy's last chemo treatment with parade

The Dunwoody community came together to celebrate a 7-year-old boy's last chemotherapy treatment.

Maddox Kelly has battled cancer for nearly half of his life.

His parents say he has been receiving chemotherapy treatments for the last three years, so they wanted to mark the special day by organizing a drive-by welcome home parade.

DeKalb County Fire and Rescue took part along with the Dunwoody Police Department as well as neighbors and friends.

DeKalb County Commissioner Robert Patrick says that supporting families during difficult times like these is the least we can do.

"We should all band together to make our neighbor's day just a little bit brighter," Patrick said. "We might not know the next person's struggle, but we can share in lifting one another up during adversity."

(Courtesy of DeKalb County District 1)

Kelly was overjoyed by the parade, waving as the police cars played their sirens.