Nash Farm Battle Field Museum to close over flag flap

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A Confederate Flag controversy in Henry County has led to the decision to close a popular Civil War museum.

The Nash Farm Battle Field Museum is part of the county's 200-acres Nash Farm Battle Field Park, a Civil War battlefield turned into a county park a few years ago, which includes a wedding venue and other amenities.

Henry County Commissioner Dee Clemmons said she found a Confederate Flag outside, contrary to an inclusive environment.

"I had asked that the [Confederate] flag be taken down and placed inside of the museum. I'm working really hard to create a community that does not harbor divisiveness," said Clemmons.

The commissioner said she has no problems with Confederate memorabilia inside the museum, but museum curator Bill Dodd said something else emerged when Clemmons attended a ceremony at the museum two weeks ago.

"She made the comment that [Confederate] flag needed to come out of the window,” said Dodd. “From inside the museum."

Dodd said Clemmons also asked that a Confederate flag display be removed and Confederate flags not be sold in the museum. Dodd said that prompted the museum's board to close the museum.

"We've had visitors of every race color and creed come through this door," said Dodd.

Commissioner Clemmons denied ever asking for Confederate items to be removed from the museum.

With the two sides at odds, the museums last official day is June 1.

"We don't know anything about it. We found out when everyone else did," said Commissioner Clemmons.

"I can't tell the story of the Civil War without telling the Confederate side," said Dodd.

The county park will remain open. The museum artifacts will go back to owners.