Morrow Police seek 'reckless' drivers from Costco parking lot

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Police want to find the drivers of two vehicles seen drifting through a Clayton County parking lot as more than a hundred people watched. At one point, some of those people had to run for their lives as a car barreled toward the crowd.

"The dangerous part is as you can see in the video, people almost get hit.  They have to actually jump out of the way of these cars," explained Morrow Police Chief James Callaway.

According to police, it happened at around 10:30 Saturday night in front of the Costco on Mount Zion Road.  When officers arrived, Callaway said the people scattered. 

"You really can't tell, but they're drifting in and out of gas pumps," said Chief Callaway.  "So if one of the cars had hit a gas pump, that could've been a catastrophic event." 

The two cars involved are described as a red, older model Nissan with a tailpipe that extends beyond the bumper and a white, four-door Nissan Sentra with a decal across the windshield that says "Royalty." 

The drivers could face charges of criminal trespass and reckless conduct. 

Anyone with information about the case should contact Chief Callaway at