Momma bear reunited with cubs after ransacking car in Colorado

Two bear cubs watched as their mother ransacked a car before being freed from the vehicle by a sheriff’s deputy in a residential area of Garfield County, Colorado, the sheriff’s office said.

Footage released by the sheriff’s department on August 8 shows the deputy approaching the car while the bear is stuck inside as her two cubs watch nearby.

"The bear did so much damage to the inside of the car that Deputy Zipf could not let it out through the back sliding car doors and the only option was from the driver door," the sheriff’s office said on Facebook. "The bear’s two cubs watched nearby waiting for their mother to be released from the car," they continued. "The first attempt, the bear ended closing the door shut again, with herself still inside. In the end, the owner was just glad the bear was released from the car, reunited with her cubs, and no one was injured."

Credit: Garfield County Sheriff's Office - Colorado via Storyful

Credit: Garfield County Sheriff's Office - Colorado via Storyful

The sheriff’s department said the deputy ensured the bears left the residential area after the incident.