Meet 'Chalkie': An Oconee County family gives free food out of food truck

Chalkie's license plate reads "4 Good" (Blaine Kummet / FOX 5)

The license plate on the back of the Oconee County family’s food truck affectionally called “Chalkie” is “4 Good”. And they’re doing just that -- good for the community.

“Hey, good afternoon. So, we have sliced bread, we have French bread…” That's what people hear the Reifsteck family say as they line up their cars to pick up free food.

Every Tuesday and Saturday, the mom, dad, and son park their food truck named “Chalkie” and greet hundreds of people a week with free food.

“He’s called Chalkie because we can write on him. He’s very versatile and he can be whatever he needs to be that day. Today he’s the free food pickup truck,” Joyce Reifsteck said.

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Tuesday’s menu included bakery goods and desserts donated by Publix.

“It is just a wonderful blessing for them to be out here and impacting the community. It’s been awesome to see the cars line up,” said Kimberly Snyder, an Oconee County resident who picks up food from the food truck.

The work they do all began with 12-year-old Fred Reifsteck IV who was fascinated with fire trucks when he was younger.

The family began dropping off food to firefighters, and a Publix manager offered to donate the goods.

The food truck is called Chalkie because people can write on it. (Ashley Soriano / FOX 5)

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They now partner with 37 organizations to distribute free food.

”We feel like it’s a privilege and an honor to be able to do this, to be able to get donated goods and pass them out to people without them worrying about how much it's going to cost,” Reifsteck said.

Five-year-old Ryan Snyder was one of the dozens of people lined up outside the food truck.

“My favorite was the doughnuts we picked up. I’m a fan of doughnuts. I really love doughnuts,” Ryan Snyder said.

The Reifsteck park their food truck at an Oconee County location each Tuesday and Saturday. (Ashley Soriano / FOX 5)

The Reifstecks and "Chalkie" will be at the Oconee County Library this Saturday at 10:30 a.m.

For future dates and locations, they post updated schedules to their Facebook group page "Chalk It Up."