Measles case confirmed in Cobb County middle school student

The Georgia Department of Public Health confirmed its eighth case of measles so far this year.

Cobb County Schools said an unvaccinated student at Mabry Middle School in East Cobb contracted the illness. Parents of all the students were notified.

The Georgia Department of Public Health said the district identified 15 to 20 students, teachers and staff without the MMR vaccination. This group would be allowed back at school at midnight on November 22.

Because this falls on the Friday before Thanksgiving break, these people will not be back on campus until December 2.

Cobb County Schools released this statement:

“Over the weekend, we were told by the Georgia Department of Public Health a student at Mabry had been diagnosed with measles. Mabry parents have been communicated with and any student who is at risk will not be allowed in school through November 22nd. The unaffected teachers and students remain focused on teaching and learning while affected students and families are supported by Public Health.”

FOX 5 News spoke to Cobb Pediatrics Dr. Dara Hosch who said it’s very important to know if someone has come in contact with a measles patient. That’s because symptoms can look very similar to other viruses going around.

“Your symptoms the first day may be runny nose kind of watery eyes like a pink eye without the discharge and a cough,” said Dr. Hosch. And this is before the rash starts.

State health officials said the rash will start on the head and then spread to the rest of the body. But, they said if someone has had both MMR vaccines they’re 98% protected. Dr. Hosch said anyone can get that vaccine at any point.

Typically, it’s given between 12-15 months then again before children start kindergarten. But, they’ve given the vaccine to children as young as 6 or 9 months who might be exposed to the illness.