Marietta football players declared ineligible to play, appeal decision

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When the Marietta Blue Devils took the field Friday night, many were talking about the two players who weren't on the gridiron. Rashad Torrence and Dawson Ellington were sidelined after the Georgia High School Association ruled they were ineligible to play because they don't live in the district.

They appealed the decision to the GHSA Friday, but the association still said no. Their parents are teachers in Marietta, so they're allowed to attend Marietta High School. However, the parents don't teach at the High School, so under the rules they can't play high school sports.

"They're Marietta teachers, it doesn't matter which school they work for, it's all in the same district," said football fan Penny Young as she was walking into the game.

On top of not playing, the school was also fined, and forced to give up all eight of their wins from last year.

"That was not fair. It's not fair for the boys who worked hard, the other players on the team," said Young.

Melda Freeman's son was one of the other players on the team. She's certain they can't get through this.

"That's the past, this is the present, so we're going to move forward and we're going to do just as well this season," said Freeman.

Lawyers vow to continue to tackle the issue in court saying they have constitutional concerns.

"I admire everyone who is sticking behind these guys from the coach to the staff and the parents because this is family," said Freeman.

Friday, the GHSA ruled the third student, Jalen Hardy, whose eligibility was in questions after transferring to Marietta during the summer, is allowed to play.  He was at the game in uniform Friday night.

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