Man shot dead at his DeKalb County home

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A DeKalb County family is in mourning after their loved one was shot and killed in his own yard.

Police said two men are responsible for the fatal shooting of Jamal Barber at his Stonemill Manor home Monday night about 10:45 p.m. DeKalb County Police said they found the 28-year-old victim right where the garage and driveway meet. He had been shot one time.

His mother, Pastor Amy Barnes, told FOX 5's Aungelique Proctor she was too upset to talk about making the gruesome discovery Monday night, after hearing someone bang on the garage door.

Police said when they arrived Barnes and other family members were trying to help the young father who had been shot in the abdomen.

Barber was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital but did not make it. Police said a surveillance camera that Barber set up on his house captured much of what happened.

It showed one man driving up in a white SUV, getting out and having a brief conversation with Barber in the garage. Detectives say the video shows the man returning with a second man on foot, who had a handgun.

After the shooting, the two men raced off the scene. Jamal chased after them but collapses in the yard.

It is all very disturbing for new Georgia resident and next-door neighbor Earl Wesley.

"It is shocking, especially since we have only been living here three days. We moved here from Montgomery, hoping for more excitement, but not like this," Wesley lamented.

DeKalb County Police said they are following some leads, but are reaching out to the public, asking anyone with information to give them a call.