Man arrested for extortion and impersonating a police officer

Snellville Police arrested a man they said impersonated one of their own and attempted to commit extortion, but now they believe there are more victims.

Police said 29-year-old Hamza Ahmed identified himself as Snellville Detective O'Neal and demanded cash as part of his investigation.

Ji Chen is the manager at Rice Box on Scenic Highway and told FOX 5's Nathalie Pozo that Ahmed came into the food spot looking for one of his employees, and then contacted him over the phone to tell him he was conducting a narcotics investigation.

"Trying to use fear, telling me he has been watching him, but does not know where his sources come from," said Ji Chen.

Chen said Ahmed was pretty believable until he started texting him and asked for something.

"I get text message from him, if you come up with $500 we can make the arrest," said Chen.

Chen contacted Snellville Police who set up a sting. Ahmed thought he was meeting Chen to get his cash, but instead was surrounded by police.

Snellville Police say it is extremely concerning when someone impersonates an officer.

"You do not know who you are dealing with," said Capt. Carey Roberts with Snellville Police.  "Someone that would present to be someone that they are not, you just do not know what they are capable of doing."

Since posting about the story on the Snellville Police Department's Facebook page, police said others have come forward.

"We received information that he tried extorting money from other individuals," said Capt. Roberts.  "Those other individuals are in the United States illegally so they did not want to formally file any complaints or charges even though we attempted to get them to file a report."

Ahmed is charged with criminal attempt to commit extortion and impersonating a police officer.  Investigators ask anyone who has had contact with Ahmed in a similar situation to call the Snellville Police Department.