Man arrested at Clark Atlanta University after dormitory incidents, officials say

Officers arrested a man early Monday on the campus of Clark Atlanta University after he reportedly opened doors to several dorm rooms, according to a school spokesperson.

Some students on campus said the man walked into rooms inside Brawley Hall and stood over female students as they slept. One of the students, who wanted to remain anonymous, told FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell she saw the man standing over her bed around 4 a.m. Once she noticed him, she screamed "get out" and he took off running.

Other students on campus, some who live in Brawley Hall, say they heard about the incident.

"It was really scary," said CAU student Jameyra Mitchell. "...He was going door to door looking at people."

Student Ronae Jones also talked about the incident.

"I hope he gets the help he needs," Jones said. "He just stood over girls who were sleeping and just left. It was really weird."

Dorm residents told Mitchell a key card is necessary to gain entry inside Brawley Hall.

A spokesperson for Clark Atlanta University said a CAU student invited the man inside the building before he opened approximately six unlocked doors. Campus officers arrested him. And no one was harmed or robbed during the incidents, the spokesperson added.