Knife throwing: Not your everyday sport

One man's passion for an unusual pastime.

On any given day you can find Luke Haynes hard at work in his garage, practicing his favorite sport...knife throwing.  On a lark, he purchased a set of throwing knives online, watched some YouTube videos, and before long he was hooked.

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"I've always thought knife throwing was kind of cool, says Haynes. " Like, if I saw it in a movie, I thought to myself, wow, this guy must have a lot of skill, right? You know, to get that little, tiny point into where it's supposed to be."

After a year and a half of dedicated practice, he's hitting the mark. He recently won the California state championship for knife and tomahawk throwing in the no-spin category. Now he's bent on spreading his love of the sport and giving others an edge.

"Anybody can do it. You know, it's a lot of fun."

FOX 5 News reporting from Atlanta