Woman injured in hit-and-run while searching for missing dog in Kennesaw; dog still missing

A Cobb County woman was searching for her lost dog when she was hit by a car. Weeks later, she’s still recovering from the hit-and-run, and the dog is still missing.

Even as Kelle Straw recovers from her injuries, she’s doing everything she can to find her precious pup. The 7-year-old Italian greyhound is named Itty Bitty.

"She’s Itty Bitty. She’s about 8 pounds soaking wet. She looks like a puppy to a lot of people because she’s so compact and small," said Straw.

Straw took Itty Bitty and her other dog, Baily, on an outing to The Home Depot on Wade Green Road in Kennesaw on July 22.

"The door opened, and it spooked her and she bolted," said Straw.


The speedy greyhound was gone in the blink of an eye.

Straw and others searched for the dog for hours. While searching, Straw says she was crossing Wade Green Road when a car hit her and kept going.

"I hit the concrete with my head first, then my hip and back. The eyewitness said it was so violent she thought I was dead. How do you hit a human being and leave the scene, and not know, ‘are they okay?’" said Straw.

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Kelle Straw is still searching for her 7-year-old, 8 pound Italian greyhound named Itty Bitty. (FOX 5)

The driver has not yet been caught. While Straw is hoping the police are able to figure out who hit her, she’s still trying to figure out where Itty Bitty could be and asking if anyone has seen her or picked her up to let her know.

"If somebody has her, I’m grateful, because you’ve kept her safe, but she has family. I’m trying to deal with all the medical because of getting hit and I just need her home," said Straw.

In addition to putting out signs and fliers, Straw says they set up a trail camera and even put out a humane trap, hoping something works.

If you know anything about the hit-and-run, call the Kennesaw Police Department. If you know anything about where Itty Bitty could be, call 470-453-9844.