Johns Creek police issue warning after bear sighting

There is a prowler in Johns Creek. It walks on all fours and goes where it pleases. One man grabbed his cell phone and captured video if the bear in his yard.

"I was walking down the street and he said, 'Hey, did you see the bear," Tim Phalen told FOX 5 News. "I said, 'Up close and personal.'"

Phalen says he had an encounter he will never forget. It happened Wednesday morning while he was in his front yard. He says he turned to the side of his house and came to face-to-face with the bear.

"It stood up (because) I was too close to it, it was too close to me. It was probably 15 feet. It stood up. I got scared and ran."

He made it inside of his house.

The Johns Creek Police Department says at least 10 sightings have been reported in the last six weeks.

Phalen believes the bear he came face-to-face with is at least seven feet tall.

"This bear was right there and you see the claws and these bears. They're a couple of inches – one cut, you're outta here."

It left a large footprint in the front yard.

"When I came back out (..) it was on the corner of the house and slowly meandered off through the neighbor's yard."

JCPD says it has been in touch with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to discuss capturing and relocating the bear.

The department says there are some things you should consider:

  • -Never Feed Bears
  • -Secure Food, Garbage, and Recycling
  • -Remove Bird Feeders When Bears Are Active
  • -Never Leave Pet Food Outdoors
  • -Clean and Store Grills

Anyone who spots a bear should stay away from it and contact the police.