Investigators warn parents of car thief targeting school parking lots

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The Coweta County Sheriff's Office sent out a warning to women, especially moms, who are dropping their kids off at school -- do not to leave you're purse in the car.

This, after a thief broke into a woman’s car at a Sharpsburg preschool, and a short time later, was spending that mom’s money at a Peachtree City Target store.

Investigators said the man opened an unlocked car at the Stone Bridge Early Learning Center at Bailey Station and stole a Michael Kor's purse, while the mom was dropping off a child last Thursday.

The daycare said it has told parents to stay vigilant in the mornings. The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said it is a warning for everyone who might be distracted with the busy tasks of parenting.

“She jumped out of the car to run them inside, and left her car unlocked and her pocketbook on the car seat.  Someone took advantage of that situation,” said Col. James Yarbrough of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said they were working with Atlanta Crime Stoppers to try and identify the man. They believed he was from Atlanta.

Along with shopping at Target, investigators said the man also used the mom’s credit card at a Shell gas station in Tyrone. The woman’s smartphone and $150 were also taken.