How to select a student loan

If you are graduating college in May, your student loan payment will start soon enough, but many students get tangled in trouble with their loan provider. Student loans --- this impacts a lot of you. There are 45 million student loan holders in the US. That's 70 percent of borrowers.  

The Student Loan Report has crunched loan data from the government's own watchdog group - the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - and finds one name stands out in the student loan business.

Navient.  It services and collects on student loans, but the Student Loan Report points out that government data shows Navient last year was the most complained about student loan company. Navient represent nearly 64  percent of all of the complaints.  And it's at the top of the complaint list for every single state and DC, too. Navient is being used by the state of Pennsylvania for "risky and expensive subprime loans."  Here is Navient's response: "Unfounded."

So how do you pick out a student loan company? Well you have to decide, do you want a federal loan or a private loan?  You need to be a smart consumer about this.  This link provides guidance on how to wisely select a student loan: Loan Guidance.