Have a blast with these 10 toys ideas for boys

We had a blast shopping for the boy on your list this year. In some cases… literally!

ZAX Axe Throwing 


Bring the excitement of axe throwing home... in a fun and safe way. Zax uses soft foam suction cups that stick to almost any surface and easily release.
Buy It: amzn.to/34zcGnb

Thomas and Friends Track Master 


Your little engineer will be 'full steam ahead' and can control all the action with the Thomas and Friends Track Master. Flip the switch and watch Thomas race along on another exciting journey. The motorized engines make the Track Master the most action-packed Thomas railway system. It's engineered for adventure.
Buy It: amzn.to/36yQJGG



Beware. This Dino is really alive! Zuru's new Robo Alive Attacking T-Rex stomps and walks with real dinosaur movement. It even bites and roars and has super realistic eyes that look alive. So watch out, this is no ordinary pet! It comes in two different colors. 
Buy It: amzn.to/36AVejT

Playmobile Space Station


Venture into undiscovered worlds with the Mars space station! It's equipped with all the tools and lights needed for space exploration. Astronauts can enter the central command space, from which all missions are monitored, or choose one of the modules, equipped with everything from sleeping compartments for the crew to a lab for analyzing samples. 
Buy It: amzn.to/33lKHae

Fart Ninjas 


These bottom burping disruptive little toys are trained in the ancient form of Martial Farts.  Each one is motion-activated and rip-roaring fun and emits 10 different rumblings to surprise or disgust your unsuspecting target.
Buy It: amzn.to/2NF7Bmu

NFL Inflatable Helmet Ball Pit


This ball pit inflatable playhouse will keep your active child entertained for hours.  A must-have for NFL fans it inflates in a few minutes, is perfect for indoor or outdoor play and big enough for two kids to play together.
Buy It: amzn.to/2qoI3lL

Harry Potter Hedwig Interactive Owl


Every wizard needs a trustworthy owl... and now Harry Potter fans can play with their very own interactive Hedwig. This white snow responds to sounds, turns her head, and makes 12 unique owl sounds.
Buy It: amzn.to/2JPtnTh

Toilet Paper Blasters Sheet Storm Gun


Transform regular toilet paper into high powered spitballs. Splatter the competition with this toilet paper shooter. Just grab a roll of toilet paper and blast away.
Buy It: amzn.to/2NiN2Nz

Xpower Dozer


Plow through dirt, toys, wood, and rocks -- this Xtreme Power Dozer is an absolute beast. It's motorized to push or pull up to 200 pounds plus, activate its lights and sounds for added fun. It's all-season, all-terrain and all power!
Buy It: amzn.to/2NkOG1t

Slap Ninja 


Slap Ninja is the new, fast-paced game challenging your skills & reflexes. Play as the Ninja master or play as the student - either way: Win or get zapped.
Buy It: amzn.to/34sCp0u

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