Gwinnett County Courthouse cafeteria fails health inspection

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The grab-and-go cafeteria inside the Gwinnett County Courthouse is under scrutiny after they failed their health inspection this week.

According to the report, violations include potential mold in the ice maker and refrigeration issues.

“It sounds really disgusting, I eat there all the time,” said Gwinnett County Employee Sara Leconte

Everyday many jurors, visitors, and employees at the Gwinnett County Courthouse find themselves at the One-Stop Cafe. It’s run by a food service vendor that’s contracted by the county. And like any other restaurant, they too are subject to health inspections.

And this week, they failed their inspection with a 61.

“Initially I was like, ‘that sucks,’ and then I realized I had just eaten there, said Gwinnett County employee Erica Sherwood.

The inspection report outlines at least a half a dozen violations, including a kitchen supervisor who was allegedly seen preparing food with cuts on their hands, the ice chute in the lobby was cited for mold-like accumulation and refrigerators were not set at the right temperature.

“To see that and that low score, I definitely won’t be eating there anymore,” said Leconte.

And while it’s not grounds for kicking this vendor out, county officials could ultimately decide to go with another vendor. It just so happens their contract with this vendor expires this year.

“It would be nice to have somebody new,” said Leconte.

According to county officials, this food service vendor has been serving the county for several years and have never had a failing grade, until now. FOX 5 News reached out to the vendor for comment and we are still waiting to hear back

FOX 5 News did get a copy of the email that the county sent out to all employees saying quote, “Corrective action is being taken immediately to address the issues identified by the health department”

“I believe everyone deserves a second chance,” said Leconte. “Hopefully they can get that taken care of.”

The vendor has 10 days to fix the problem.