Gunman terrorizes northwest Atlanta apartments

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Police are searching for the gunman who robbed two women outside the same northwest Atlanta apartment building, two days in a row.

The ordeal happened over the weekend at the Avalon Park Apartments, in front of the 600 building.



Both women described the gunman as wearing a blue and grey-striped hooded sweatshirt, brandishing a black and silver handgun, and possibly 5'10" to 6'0" in height. Both women were approached as they walked up the stairs.

"I was going up the steps, and he was like, 'Give it up, give it up,'" said Debra Bridges, who was trying to visit her friend for a game of cards, Saturday night. "I looked around. I was like, 'Are you for real?' I was hollering, 'Help, help,'" she said.



Both women had their purses snatched by the gunman, who fled from the complex.

Tuesday night, Atlanta Police officers on patrol said they were stepping up watch around the complex.

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FOX 5 could not reach apartment management, but a letter from the complex to residents at the 600 building warned neighbors to be wary walking from their cars to their apartments, and to report any lights out to the leasing office.