Group of strangers meet at right place, right time to save a man's life

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They were in the right place at the right time to help save a man’s life. A Canton Police officer's body cam captured the intense moments as strangers worked to save that man.

Time was of the essence as Canton Police rushed to the scene of an unresponsive man down on the ground. When they arrived, they sure were glad to see Dawn Jones performing CPR on a man she didn't even know. Jones and her husband were on their way home when they saw a man being pulled out of a car.

"I yelled if they needed help, they said they thought a heart attack. I ran over and asked if anybody knew CPR. At that point the lady that was driving the gentleman was on the phone with 911 so I started CPR," said Jones.

The woman driving the man actually didn't know him either. She'd just seen him at a gas station with what appeared to be chest pains and offered to drive him to the hospital.

"In the process, wasn't able to make it, and at that point they had to pull him out of the car and start CPR," said Officer Daniel Mendoza.

Officer Mendoza was the second officer to arrive.

"Time is of the essence in these situations so fast action is very important," said Mendoza.

The officer said Jones and the others played a key role in saving this man's life.

Another key factor was the equipment all Canton Officers are equipped with. AEDs are standard issue. Police were able to shock the man before EMTs arrived.

"We went to the hospital that day afterwards and met with his wife and we were just happy to know he was alive and in recovery," said Officer Mendoza.

For Jones, she didn't know until Friday that the man she performed CPR on survived.

"I just feel like God put me at the right place at the right time. The most important thing is the gentleman is going to survive," said Jones.