Group of Georgia foster pups 'Quaranteenies' helping people smile

A local dog rescue duo is taking the soothing effect puppies have on people to the next level.

In this different time, where "shelter in place" days are hard to differentiate, Courtney Bryson and Renee Ussery are using a puppy litter to track where we are in the world.

Taking it day by day, ounce by ounce.

"We have Squeaky, Comet, Ajax, Cheer, Borax, Zest, Murphy, Bounty, Bubbles and Meyers," they rattle off, going one by one through the little furry faces, dubbed "The Quaranteenies."

The puppies are all named after cleaning products, reflecting the recent push for cleanliness to ward off coronavirus' spread.

Someone dropped their mother, called Emma Quarantina, at Morgan County Animal Control.

From there, Emma, carrying her precious cargo, moved to the Rescue Ranch in Rutledge.

The Quaranteenies were born March 25 and have become an internet sensation ever since.

Each night, Bryson and Ussery weigh each pup as classical music plays. They've become something to look forward to for those following their progress through social media channels.

Once their size is recorded, they transition to storytime.

"Never in a million years did I think I'd be reading children's stories," Ussery explains. The couple does not have children.

"But a lot of people love it. Say it's their daily therapy!"

After the story ends, the puppies move to dinnertime with mom.

"It's been really neat to watch people watching with their kids and their kids ask questions," Bryson explains.

"A lady asked last night if there are assigned seats at the milk bar," Ussery adds, laughing.

The Quaranteenies and Emma won't be available for new homes until about 8-9 weeks. The Morgan County Animal Control will be handling adoptions.

If you'd like to be part of the nightly storytime at 9 p.m., click here.