Griffin mother turns off internet, so the kids get very creative

Days are turning into weeks and weeks are turning into months. That’s led to some going stir crazy while others have taken some creative approaches.

One Georgia mother was at her wits end watching her son day-after-day turn to the screen instead of, well, anything else.

The Griffin mother pulled the plug on the internet forcing her son and his friends to get creative.

"I unplugged the Wi-Fi router and when the kids asked, ‘Mom what’s wrong? ‘I don’t know, I guess the service’s out,’” Miranda said in a video posted on social media. "Did you see what they decide to do? I got to say, I’m pretty proud.”

Seven-year-old Jacob and his two friends, Bri and Caydence, came up with an idea to bring people together against one common enemy.

The group made a sign that read “Honk for no virus.”

Mother Miranda heard the commotion outside and was quite surprised to see the children waving to cars.

And the local police played their part as well, showing some support.

Miranda said the kids were overwhelmed by the support they got from strangers.

As for her neighbors, especially those working from home, she wants to make it known that this was just a one-time deal

She says Thursday will be much quieter.