Governor Deal to reveal campus carry decision next week

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The public will have to wait a few more days before learning the fate of the controversial "campus carry" bill.

Governor Nathan Deal said Wednesday that he would announce his decision on the measure next week. 

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"Well, I'm listening to both sides of the argument.  I pretty well heard most of them already," said Deal.

The legislation would allow gun permit holders to carry their firearm onto public college and technical school campuses.  It would not permit guns inside sporting events or students housing, including fraternity and sorority houses. 

Deal stressed his decision on the bill will not be easy. 

"It is one of those bills that you have very interested people who have very passionate opinions on both sides of the issue and it makes it one of those tough choices that a governor has to make, but I think that's one of the things that the governor's supposed to do is make the hard choices, to not necessarily play the political game that may be associated with issues like this, but to do what's in the best interest of as many Georgians as possible."

Deal has through May 3 to either sign or veto the bill.  If he does not act, the legislation will become law without his signature on May 4. 

The governor cracked a smile when asked if he would wait until the last minute to reveal his decision. 

"I'm busy for the rest of the week," he joked.