Goodwill helps Coweta County inmates find work after jail

A new program in Coweta County tries to help women who’ve been in jail find a job when they get out.

The new phrase is "Justice Involved". That’s anyone who has been incarcerated or has a criminal history. Goodwill says employers, hard up to find workers are rethinking their attitude about applicants with a criminal past, and especially those who have taken the initiative to enroll in job training.

Coweta County Sheriff Len Wood tells FOX 5 that Goodwill came to them about offering job counseling to women locked up in the jail. It’s a first of its kind program in Georgia. And Sheriff Wood says it’s badly needed for women inmates especially.

Goodwill offers job assistance and training at its career centers. This is different. Counselors go behind bars at the Coweta Jail and work with female inmates.

Goodwill says the women get help in three areas.

How to get a job, that includes creating a resume, tips on how to apply and learning to interview.

Next, what’s called Soft Skills. Those are tools for staying employed, such as communication skills and conflict resolution.

Finally, Goodwill connects the women with potential employers who have either posted positions or holding job fairs.

Goodwill says its career counseling is offered free of charge and is open to anyone. It’s funded through donations and sales at Goodwill stores.