Good Day Atlanta viewer information Sept. 9, 2020

Hosea Helps gives back during the COVID-19 Pandemic: 

As students head back to the classroom, Hosea Helps is lending a helping hand. It's their annual Back To school Jamboree, but this year will be different in an effort to keep everyone safe.  Joining us live via Zoom is the of Hosea Helps CEO Elisabeth Omilami joined Good Day via Zoom to talk about the event. 

For more information on Hosea Help's Facebook Lives click here.  For information about the Jamboree or the rental assistance program click here.  

Maria More from Majic 107.5 joins us with some healthy post-Labor Day tips: 

Still feeling a little bloated from those "unhealthy" choices during Labor Day weekend? Maybe the pandemic has elevated your stress and food has been your main source of "comfort." Whatever the case may be, there's always a way to get back on track! For more information on Maria More click here.

  1. Skip dinner (reset your metabolism so that you are hungry during your most active hours)
  2. Do not weigh yourself. Take a break from the scale for at least seven days (because sometimes numbers do lie)
  3. Focus on the small "wins." Focus on one day at a time and rack up those daily accomplishments to sustain your motivation.

"Tyler Perry's Bruh" stars on Good Day Atlanta: 

"Tyler Perry's Bruh" is the story of four 30-something-year-old friends in Atlanta trying to find themselves as men and navigate life, careers, and romance. 

Joining us live on Good Day Atlant are actors Barry Brewer and Mahdi Cocci with more on Camp Quarantine and filming during a pandemic. For more information click here.

Workout Wednesday with Morgan Findlay from Peach Cheeks Fitness:  Tips for working out your backside from home with actor and fitness trainer Morgan Findlay from Peach Cheeks Fitness.  For more information click here. 

Pet of the day from the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia:  For more information click here.