Good Day Atlanta viewer information: December 30, 2021

New Year's Eve party foods with Dantanna's: Executive Chef Brad Parker will provide tips for make-at-home New Year’s Eve dishes and cocktails. Chef Brad also talks about Dantanna’s and New Year’s Eve offerings. For more information on Dantanna's click here. 

Founders of luxury hat company "Wear Brims" give style tips: Fashion is continuing to evolve, and revolve. The Fedora has made a comeback, but now it's not only for dressing up. Wear Brims founders Archie Clay and Tahj Crutch show viewers how to make those hats look great for any occasion. Follow the brand on Instagram @WearBrims Visit their website here.

Entertainment contributor Ally Lynn gives Top moments of 2021: This year has definitely been a rollercoaster. From the pandemic, electing a new president, and off the wall things with celebs. Entertainment host Ally Lynn gives some top moments in entertainment. Keep up with Ally on instagram @HeyAllyLynn