Good Day Atlanta viewer information April 17, 2020

Atlanta’s Goodie Mob featured in hit show “Unsung”:  With a debut single rocketing to Number One on the Billboard Rap Charts, Goodie Mob didn’t just arrive on the music scene back in 1995 — the group blew out speakers nationwide.

"We had groups like Kilo Ali that was on the radio before us, like Raheem the Dream, other artists on the radio before us,” says group member Khujo, “and just to be a part of that club, man, and then just to be able to represent Atlanta, Georgia with the content that we were coming out with…man, it was almost like a one-two punch for us."

Now, the story of Goodie Mob’s rise to Hip-hop stardom is being told in the hit TV One show “Unsung,” airing Sunday night, April 19th, at 10:00 p.m.  The episode emphasizes the group’s important role in putting Atlanta on the musical map.

"We had something to say right here in Atlanta,” says group member T-Mo.  “The South had a whole lot to say and we are still talking to this day, you know what I'm saying? So it was a great opportunity, it was motivation for us to be heard."

And while the “Unsung” episode traces Goodie Mob’s journey through the present day, group members are already planning their next move.  

"We're actually recording an album right now as we speak, you know, via satellite pretty much,” says CeeLo Green.  “So we're kind of preparing tracks and verses, and it's similar the way that we used to do it, besides being with each other physically.  But us just getting on a group chat and talking and conversing about concepts and directions and things that we wanna's cool."


Burgers With Buck goes to the Tucker Meat Market: Despite several different owners, the Tucker Meat Market has been a part of the landscape in this DeKalb County community for some three decades. Andrea Woolf took over the Tucker mainstay about five years ago, reworked it, remodeled it, and this local business is thriving.

 Of course, for many this butcher shop is the place to go for high quality fresh meats including beef, chicken, pork, even lamb and seafood, but it is the deli that attracted the attention of #BurgersWithBuck. Woolf started the deli concept because in her words, “she likes to cook”. And for all my fellow carnivores out there, there’s a really good chance you’re going to like what she is cooking. She has created several specialty burgers, but with a name like ‘The Mammoth”, it just makes sense to feature on #BWB.

 So let’s build The Mammoth from the bottom toasted bun up, which starts with a little mayonnaise. On top of that is the half-pound patty that is a bacon/beef blend. Yes, you heard me right. The exact ratio is top secret, but #BWB has learned that it is about a 70/30, beef-bacon blend. Already sounds great, doesn’t it. The patty is topped with American cheese, grilled onions, grilled jalapenos, and then more American cheese. Sounds like it’s getting pretty tall already, right? Oh, just wait. On top of all that, sits a 1/3 pound of her special house smoked brisket, with just a touch of BBQ sauce to accent the flavor. Add the top of the sesame seed bun, and good luck getting your mouth around this one.

 You see why it is named The Mammoth now, don’t you?

 The Mammoth is already a rock star in the burger world, taking several local awards in competitions like Atlanta Food Wars and Taste of Tucker, but this local celebrity of a burger also placed in the top 10 on planet earth in the World Food Championships.

 Of course in this era of social distancing, Tucker Meat Market is taking precautions to help keep everyone safe. For now, they have taken out the tables in the deli, and lined the meat counter with chairs to guarantee at least six feet of social distance between people, and they are also limiting the number of customers allowed in the store at any one time. They are also offering curbside and contactless pick-up and delivery, within reason (as Woolf does most of the deliveries herself).

 The butcher shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00-7:00. Due to store volume, the deli hours have been tweaked a bit for the time being. It is open Tuesday to Saturday  from 1:00-6:45.

 One more thing, other than one cook, Tucker Meat Market is an all-female owned and run business, which is certainly a rarity in the butcher/meat world. And despite this current pandemic that has temporarily changed the way we live our lives, business is booming! Way to go ladies!

For more information about Tucker Meat Market, including location, menu, hours, and specials, go to their website, or their Facebook page

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