Georgians rally after inmate deaths in county jail

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On Saturday, more than 100 family members and community members rallied outside the Rockdale County Jail for Jamie Henry and Shali Tilson. They're calling for Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levitt to step down after the believe the Sheriff's Office mishandled the investigation into both inmates' deaths.

Jamie Henry was found unresponsive in her Rockdale County Jail cell in May. She later died at the hospital.

Shali Tilson was found dead in his Rockdale County Jail cell just three months earlier in March. 

The GBI reported Tilson died from dehydration and blood clots. The Tilson family told FOX 5 that a witness inside the jail saw staff getting violent with Tilson.

The Henry family is still awaiting autopsy reports for their daughter.

"I was taught to raise my kids," Henry's father Donnie Donaldson said. "I wasn't taught to bury them –that's not supposed to happen."

The rally on Saturday was the first, but the community, family, and members of several NAACP chapters say it won't be the last. They're demanding an external investigation into the jail and its operations.