Georgia prepares for Hurricane Dorian

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Hurricane Dorian is still hundreds of miles away, but preparations are already well underway. 

Officials are gathering at Georgia Emergency Management Agency headquarters to decide if they'll activate the State's Emergency Operation Center. The E.O.C. would serve as the nerve center for all of Georgia's Dorian response efforts.

Governor Brian Kemp says State and Federal officials are working closely together and vow to be ready if Dorian impacts Georgia. He urges people living on the Georgia coast or those who have any Labor Day beach vacation plans, either in Georgia or Florida, to keep a close watch on the weather forecast.

State leaders are already coming up with evacuation plans, hoping to make sure people fleeing from the storm can get to safety. Drivers should expect to see extra cars on the road this weekend as evacuees make their way towards metro Atlanta.

State Insurance Commissioner John King encourages people living on the Georgia coast to use this time to prepare both your home and valuables for the storm.

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