Georgia Power crews head to Louisiana to help after Hurricane Laura

Georgia Power crews are headed to Louisiana to offer help after Laura slammed the Gulf Coast and made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane. 

Roughly 100 Georgia Power workers are en route to Baton Rouge to provide assistance to Entergy Louisiana. Once they arrive, they'll receive assignments to support restoration along Laura's devastating path. 

Georgia Power said an additional 300 support personnel have been cleared to help in any extra requests. 

The crews loaded up their trucks and headed west Thursday morning. 

Hundreds of thousands of people were ordered to evacuate ahead of the hurricane, but not everyone fled from the area. Now, thousands are without power in both Louisiana and Texas.

LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA - AUGUST 27: A street is seen strewn with debris and downed power lines after Hurricane Laura passed through the area on August 27, 2020 in Lake Charles, Louisiana . The hurricane hit with powerful winds causing extensive dama

Due to the pandemic, Georgia Power said they are taking extra precautions to keep both customers and workers safe. Additionally, the electric company asked the following steps be taken out of respect for the linemen:

  • If you see utility crews, please stay back a minimum of six feet - much more if they are working
  • No cookies or treats for workers during this time. Instead, give a wave or a thumbs up - they'll understand your gratitude
  • Don't touch utility trucks or equipment 

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