GBI launches statewide street gang database

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has a new weapon when it comes to fighting the growing gang problem. They've launched a statewide street gang database.  

The database is filled with names and locations. Information that will constantly be updated.

"When you're talking about gangs, they are fluid, they are forever changing.  They change their name constantly, they change individuals who are in various roles and hierarchies," said the GBI's Janet Usher.

Local law enforcement agencies will be able to tap into the database to find information about gang members and associates.  INformation that could protect officers as they take on the gang problem in their own communities.

"They are quick to resort to violence against law enforcement," said GBI Director Vic Reynolds.

The database will also provide additional information to police officers to further their investigations, and build solid cases.

"Cases that stick in court and then prosecute those individuals who are violently threatening our communities," said Usher.