Forsyth County property owners find people squatting at rental home

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A couple came home from vacation to find people living in their rental home, but they didn't rent the property out and it was supposed to be vacant. Police said the people were squatting there.

Hubert Ellzey and his wife found two massive RVs in the driveway. The couple came home after two weeks in Savannah, drove by the property on Brooks Farm Drive and couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Mr. Ellzey said he confronted the folks inside and within a few minutes, six people came out of the two bedrooms, one bath home. And that’ss not all, he said they had dogs, apparently bird cages and other animals.

Mr. Ellzey told FOX 5 News the people told him they found the home as a "lease to own" property on Craigslist. One of the people came out with a contract that had his wife’s name on it and their names scribbled on it. He couldn’t make out the names. It was a two-year lease to own contract.

What’s irritating, Mr. Ellzey said at the time they had no recourse. They could not evict. Police told them this was a civil matter and they would have to go through magistrate court as if they did actually rent to this family.

The only good news, after the Ellzeys showed up and police were called, the people who had apparently lived in the home for almost three weeks moved out.