Floyd County police charge women with elderly exploitation

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Floyd County Police are searching for more victims of elderly exploitation that may be centered on prayer church groups. One woman is behind bars charged with elderly exploitation while police are still searching for a second woman.

Sgt. Rusty Williams of the Floyd County Police Department said an elderly woman handed over more than $100,000 of her retirement money to her sister, Ellen Elizabeth Ferry and Ferry's accomplice, Frances Teresa McCracken. He said McCracken and Ferry both were involved in threatening and coercing Ferry's sister.

“Ellen told her sister if you don't give us this money, bad things will happen to family members. You could be arrested, things like that. The sister withdrew the money and she withdrew the money. Ellens instructions gave the money to Ms. McCracken in cash,” said Sgt. Williams.

The woman lives in a Rome neighborhood where Britani Dulaney lives.

“It is our responsibility as people to care for others and to live selfless lives,” said Dulaney.

Sgt. Wililams showed FOX 5 News public records of two Christian counseling service companies he said the woman were operating. He said in another case out of Roswell, Ferry and McCracken gained trust of a woman at a church group, convincing her to hand over tens of thousands of dollars.

“I’m not exactly sure of a figure it's going to be more money than my victim lost, probably about two hundred thousand,” said Sgt. Williams.

Roswell Police said they are waiting for a go ahead from the Fulton County District Attorney's Office seeking arrests warrants in the case. Ferry was arrested and is being held at the Floyd County Jail on a charge of elderly exploitation. Floyd County Police suspect they may be other victims,

“I do believe there will be other victims. In my experience if it works with one or two people it'll work with more people,” said Sgt. Williams.

Floyd County Police said they have an active arrest warrant against McCracken on a charge of elderly exploitation. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Floyd County Police Department or Roswell Police Department.