Fewer than half of Atlanta's police force responds to 911 calls

Taxpayers fund about 2,000 police officers in the city of Atlanta, but it is no secret the city is running short. There are vacancies, but when the administration, airport assignments and special squads are subtracted from the total, citizens may be shocked to learn just how few officers are on a regular street beat. The number is roughly 825.

The data comes from a recent field operations roster sheet and the chief's office confirms the information. However, it is markedly different from statistics Chief George Turner gave to the city council when Councilmember Felicia Moore asked. The chief said he had 1400 working on the street.

Asked for clarification, a police spokesperson said manpower should be viewed more broadly to include all crime fighting efforts, not simply the officers dispatched to a 911 call.Fewer than half of Atlanta’s police force responds to 911 calls