Fayette County Commissioners vote to rescind 'Confederate History Month' proclamation

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Fayette County Commissioners have voted to rescind a proclamation declaring the month of April Confederate History Month.

The decision came down around 6:30 p.m. during a board meeting.

The proclamation got pushback and even sparked a protest, but also received some very vocal support.

About two hundred concerned citizens, politicians, religious leaders and civil rights activists rallied outside the Fayette County Government Building Tuesday. The group stood together to oppose the proclamation.

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Some 25 yards away, Sons of Confederate Veterans member Billy Bearden staged his own counter-demonstration, upset protestors were trying to kill the proclamation.

Opponents criticize the timing of the proclamation just days after a weekend white supremacist rally in Newnan and the wording of the proclamation, that praises the history of the Confederacy without condemning or even mentioning in their words "the white supremacism that motivated the Confederacy."

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Fayette County Commissioner Charles Rousseau spoke out against the proclamation Monday and once again urged his colleagues to rescind it. But fellow Commissioner Charles Oddo said that wasn't going to happen.

In the end, the proclamation was rescinded.

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